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ERRA specializes in the area of Reliability Engineering and Safety Analysis. Since its inception ERRA has played a pivotal role in a number of reliability and safety analysis projects. ERRA has an extensive know-how of the nuclear and aeronautical sector, a deep knowledge of the applied reliability and safety analysis techniques, contribution to the latest theoretical advances in the area coupled with deep experience of software development for applications of these areas and a suite of products that covers these analysis needs. ERRA provides technical data management solutions through an innovative platform which integrates knowledge management with a highly configurable database application. Our solutions have been used for environmental applications, technical decision support systems and rapid prototyping. ERRA has constant investment plan in Research and Development(R&D). Our core team consists of engineers with significant research academic profile. ERRA has a constant presence in international research programs, proceedings and scientific magazines. ERRA has also extensive experience in complex information system applications, decision analysis, optimization and data analysis.