Technical Management Information Systems

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Even the simplest technical system can offer a significant amount of data which can exploited for increased performance, higher quality, regulation conformance and reliability targeting.
ERRA offers a range of solution for Technical Management Information Systems (TMIS), using always the technology that best suits your business needs and budget:

• Technical – Environmental databases: Through a powerful knowledge management platform, we rapidly prepare a working – ready to install data management application. Then, our technical – environmental analysts work on the existing application with your actual data for the further development or configuration of custom tailored tools that best meet your system special requirements

• Decision Support Systems (DSS): Very simply described a DSS is a software environment whose purpose is to help you make the best decision. This software embeds one or more model of your systems, decision aids (e.g. reporting services) and decision methods. ERRA domain area experts analyze your system functions and structure, evaluate the available data and create for you the solution that best fits your day to day operation as long as your strategic management

• Data nursing: Do you feel that you have data for your technical systems but these data are located in divertive sources like different databases, spreadsheets or even hard copy archives? ERRA can take over the task of collecting this information and organize it in a single format. Our approach begins with an analysis of your technical data, this is the most important step since it will reveal if such a data collection can be a cost effective task with adequate turn over for your business. The next steps involve data collection, processing, cleaning and organize this information using an appropriate data scheme, which in most of the cases is your technical management database.